Watercolors by John Blackwood



"Backyard Friends"
22" x 30"
MSW Annual Exhibition, 1999,
"MSW Special Award"
(artist's collection)
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 The links listed below are offered as helpful references for watercolorists.  Please check them out if you have an interest in watercolor information, a project or an art search.  If you are interested in joining an organization of watercolorist, please visit the MSW web site at the address listed below.

- Handprint.com:  This web site is indescribably informative!  It contains a wealth of diverse and interesting information.  The watercolor section alone (just click on the color wheel on the home page) has more up-to-date reference information about watercolor than I have seen anywhere.  Be prepared to spend some time here if you want to reap what it has to offer.  I strongly advise that you look at the extensive "site map" in the watercolor section first - it will give you a direction for starting your journey.  Have fun.

- Hilary Page's web site:  Hilary has a comprehensive study published in a book ("Guide to Watercolor Paints") - update analyses for watercolors introduced since the publication may be obtained on her web site.  Your use of a study such as this can be very effective not only in improving the quality of what's on your palette but also in a cost-effective way to get the most paint for your watercolor dollar.  (Some of the information in the book is a little out of date since the 1996 publication date -update materila is available on her web site.)

- Nita Leland's web site:   This site has art project suggestions to get you going if you need an activity to get you out of an "artist's block" or just need an idea for something new.  It also has helpful articles, interviews, answers to common questions, etc. that you may find helpful from time to time.

- Ellen Fountain's web site:  The "Tips..." page of this site offers some sound techniques that will help the beginning watercolorist with techniques and/or projects.  It will also remind the veteran painter of some of the basics that may have been forgotten.  Give it try - it may help you out.

- Mid-Southern Watercolorists, Inc. (MSW):  For a look at this organization formed in 1970 to promote water-media art and its supporters in the mid-southern United States, visit the web site.  MSW has members from Arizona to Florida - from Texas to Kansas and most of the states in between.

- Cantrell Gallery, 8206 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72227:  One of Little Rock's oldest and finest art galleries featuring work from local artists as well as art masters.  If you're looking for original art, a print (signed and numbered available) or simply the best framing for your art treasure, you can find it at Cantrell Gallery.  (501) 224-1335 or 800-467-0933.


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